Remember Angry Splash Mountain Lady? There's Actually a Sweet Story Behind That Photo

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I wouldn't go on Splash Mountain with my wife.

One year ago, Steven Alexander and his wife, Jordan, took a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida and spent the day at the Magic Kingdom. Towards the end of the day, Steven ran out of steam, so he suggested Jordan ride her favorite ride, Splash Mountain, alone.

So, Jordan went on the ride, took an angry photo and a viral moment was born.

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To celebrate the anniversary of the now-infamous photo, Steven used Love What Matters' Facebook page to share a heartwarming post about the true story behind the moment, revealing that there was nothing but love involved.

"When I met my (now) wife, I was about to return to kidney dialysis, with my first transplant sadly failing," Steven wrote. "Starting a new relationship under these circumstances was hard, but she stuck by me - and a few years later we were married."

He added that the two had wanted to visit Disney World, but traveling was difficult because of his illness. After Steven received a transplant, the two did take a trip to the park, but Splash Mountain was closed. So they took another trip after their son was born, and that's when Jordan snapped the "angry" photo, although after she got off the ride, she showed Steven the snap and said, "I did this for you!"

"We both broke into laughter, hugged and made our way out of the park," Steven wrote. "So, the world sees a silly picture of an angry lady on Splash Mountain, but I see the funny, smart, intelligent and beautiful woman who carried me through life, and I love her more than anything."

"A few months later, Visit Orlando - the tourism board of Orlando - flew us down so I could finally ride with her," he concluded. "The truth is, I'd ride into anything or climb any mountain with and for her. She's given me life, two beautiful kids, and the greatest life a guy could ever ask for."

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