Teacher Found Her Students Passing a Note About a New Club and We Want to Join

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Often when teachers catch their students passing notes, someone ends up in trouble, but the note this fourth grade teacher found will give you hope for a brighter future.  

Twitter user @SMLXist, who goes by Elly, has a friend who is a teacher. Her friend was in her classroom one day when she found a note scrawled on a piece of scrap paper. 

Elly posted a picture of the note online and people are loving it. It's not hard to see why. 

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The note read, "Want to start a club about female empowerment. We are the leaders." 

The teacher tracked down the student who wrote the note and learned that she wanted to start the club "because boys had been telling her girls can't do what boys do." 

Elly is now co-sponsoring the club, which has the full support of the school!

H/T Twitter/@SMLXist 


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