Watch: This Dad's Very Serious BBC Interview Got Videobombed By His Kids

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We have so many questions after watching this serious video lesson in "how to keep a straight face against all odds," but we can hardly get them out through our laughter. 

When a very serious expert was video-conferenced into BBC World News to speak about the impeachment of South Korea's President Park Geun-hye, we assume he didn't expect what happened next.

Right in the middle of an analysis of the role democracy plays in times of crisis, his daughter waltzes right into his office and starts dancing in the background.

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After unsuccessfully sending the little one away, a second child makes their way into the office in a walker. At this point a woman comes in and attempts to usher the children out of the room which goes, well, not exactly as planned. 

The temporary struggle finally proves successful and the woman crawls back in (presumably in an attempt to stay out of the frame) and shuts the door. 

It all happens in a hilarious minute that you absolutely have to see. 

The moral of the story here is either make sure your office has a lock on the door or learn to roll with life's punches. Maybe a little bit of both.

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