Father Notices Son's Cancer After Taking a Selfie With Him

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When you're snapping photos of your little one, you're doing it to create happy memories, not realize tragedies. Unfortunately, but also thankfully, for a father in West Sussex, he noticed something off about his son's eye in several smart phone photos. 

After looking back at a photo he took of his little boy Jaxson, Owen Scrivens noticed that while one of his son's eyes had the typical "red eye" that many of us get when our picture is taken, the other had a white reflection. 

Scrivens did some research and immediately took Jaxson to see a doctor, where they determined the 14-month-old was facing cancer. 

"I looked through some old photos and you actually can see the point where it changes in late November," said Scrivens, a medicine student. "There’d been nothing else wrong, although after we noticed the eye color he started to develop a bit of a squint."

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Since the discovery, Jaxson has been undergoing chemotherapy and while the treatment makes me sick for a couple of days each time, Scrivens said he's generally back to his normal self playing and laughing shortly after. 

The tumor, unfortunately, will never disappear completely, but since beginning treatment it's already shrunk to one-third it's original size. Doctors are confident that while it will have to be monitored for the rest of his life, they hope to shrink it to a small benign mass and save Jaxson's eye, according to Metro

Scrivens and his partner Emily have been lucky to have the support of Emily's parents as they go through this journey, but the young couple also recently opened a GoFundMe page, from which they hope to use a portion of the funds to raise awareness about Jaxson's type of cancer. 

"We really want to raise awareness of this cancer – it’s something so simple to spot, it doesn’t come up in every photo and not everyone will be able to spot it but a lot of people will," Scrivens said. "Some children at the hospital had both their eyes removed, which is horrible, and we want people to catch it early. What’s really shocked us from talking to people is them saying ‘my niece or nephew had a white glow in their eye but we didn’t think anything of it.'"

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