Tim McGraw Speaks out After Backlash Against New Movie

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(Photo: Twitter / @931_TheWolf)

Tim McGraw's new movie The Shack hit theaters in early March, and like a lot of things these days, people have opinions about it.

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One of those opinions is about the fact that Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer portrays God in the film, with the Knoxville News Sentinel reporting that some people were questioning why the African-American actress was selected for the part.

When asked about the backlash, McGraw had a rather thoughtful response.

"I would answer it, 'We don’t know.' I don’t know. I know if I told you what God looked like and felt like then I’d be telling you a story," he said. "I just think we don’t know. God manifests himself, herself or itself in a way that we need it, in a way that we can grab a hold of and a way that we can put our arms around. When I die and I’m lucky enough or fortunate enough and brave enough throughout my life to get into Heaven and I see Octavia Spencer sitting there then all is good."

In the film, McGraw plays the neighbor and best friend of the main character and shared that he tried to find parallels in his own life and the film's story to get into his role.

"You can try but you can’t communicate what happened to this family," he explained. "You can’t go into it and put something together from your life that can match the tragedy that happened to this family."

"You can find parallels to your life where you’ve gotten lost. (There are) parallels where you’ve gotten off track or you feel like there’s no way you can dig yourself out," McGraw continued. "You think that you can’t find redemption in any way.  For me going into this, I really wanted Willie to be a conduit for Mack. I wanted him to be somebody he could walk behind, almost like a seeing-eye dog in a lot of ways to help him navigate."


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