A Second Grade Class' Survey Has Gone Viral and It's the Sweetest Thing

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One second grade class has gone viral after the Internet discovered their survey to help the class learn about graphs, and it's the most wholesome thing you'll see all day.

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Kara Porter’s second-grade class at North Vermillion Elementary School in Cayuga, Indiana came up with the survey as a way for the class to learn, and each student contributed one question to the heartwarmingly innocent missive.

The survey includes questions like "Are you a farmer?," "Who is your favorite 'Frozen' character" and "Pizza or soup?," and has currently been taken over 230,000 times. At one point, the survey page was so busy it crashed.

Porter explained that the school secretary posted the survey on Facebook Tuesday morning for the class to get some responses.

“We were just thinking local — people that we know, people that our parents know,” Porter told BuzzFeed News, noting that while the massive response was a surprise, the class is "thrilled."

People have taken the survey around the world, including Finland, Tasmania, South Africa and more, and Porter shared that she plans to close the survey Friday and attempt to graph the responses with her class.

“We are planning to graph all of this, but now I don’t know how!” she said.

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