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A woman has helped to change the life of a homeless man in just a matter of months after learning why he stood on the same street corner every day.  

For nearly three years, Ginger Sprouse drove past 32-year-old Victor Hubbard on a street corner at least four times a day, no matter the weather.

Sprouse, who runs Art of the Meal in Clear Lake, Texas, wondered every day why he just stood there.

One day in late December, she finally decided to say hello and ask him. Hubbard, who lives with mental illness, told her he didn’t want to leave that particular place because his mother, whom he hadn’t seen in years until very recently, could find him when she came back.

Hubbard revealed his history and also shared how he didn’t have a place to live. Sprouse felt for the man, and decided to share his story with the world by opening up a Facebook page called “This is Victor.”

With an objective that something needs to be done about helping Hubbard, Sprouse launched the page in December and was the sole organizer, hoping as a community everyone can come together to provide aid.

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Today the page has more than 40,000 likes with posts that have gone viral. Dozens of people from their town, state and around the world volunteered to help Hubbard as Sprouse led the charge. 

“I’m so overwhelmed by the compassion by people,” said Sprouse, as others volunteered to help.

Cooking meals, washing clothes and setting up appointments for him with mental health professionals, she eventually welcomed him into her home.

Sprouse created a GoFundMe page, encouraging people to donate to help the “sweet, gentle man” get back on his feet. Of their $25,000 goal, a little more than $27,000 has been raised thus far.

Hubbard recently landed a job as a cook in Sprouse’s kitchen and can’t help but wear a big smile on his face.

In an interview with CBS affiliate, KHOU, Hubbard said Sprouse helped him like “grace,” adding “she came around and she kind of saved me.”

Thanks to all the Facebook fans, Hubbard was able to connect with an uncle from east Texas. And amazingly, last week reunited with his mother.

“I got to talk to her and I really feel like I accomplished something,” he said.

Without Sprouse’s help, Hubbard would still be standing on that street corner waiting and Sprouse wouldn’t have a new friend and valued employee.

“He is a smiling, happy addition to my team,” Sprouse said. “I’m so proud.”

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