Mama June's Estranged Daughter Chickadee Slams Her for Weight Loss Journey

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Mama June has lost an astonishing amount of weight, but not everyone in her family is happy for her. 

June Shannon's 22-year-old daughter, Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell, with whom she is estranged, has a lot of thoughts about her mom's new-found lifestyle.

“I think she did it just to be more famous,” Cardwell told E! News. “I don’t think she did it just for her because she never mentioned anything ever before about getting plastic surgery.”

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Cardwell's relationship with her mother is strained due to financial reasons. 

“I think mama did get herself out there to get another show,” she continued. “That’s my opinion on that. I don’t think she did it or anything for herself. If she would have done it for herself, she would have tried to lose the weight a long time ago.”

Not only is Cardwell not involved in the new television show, she is also not in contact with her mother or her younger sisters, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, 11, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, 17, and Jessica “Chubbs” Shannon, 20. 

She wouldn't mind having a show of her own, however. 

“I miss being on film, miss being on TV,” she admitted. “I miss it for the money and I miss it for, you know, getting out there — for people just to see my story and stuff like that.”

“Everybody wants me to get my own show anyways regardless of getting anything done,” Cardwell said. “I doubt it’s going to happen, but it would be nice. Lots [of people have] been asking me about getting my own show with my kids again. [They] tell me that they would watch the show just for me and kids.”

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