The Internet Is Losing it Over Trying to Find the Four-Leaf Clover in This Crazy Brain Teaser

| Brain Teaser
(Photo: Buzzfeed / Crystal Ro)

Another brain teaser has taken the internet by storm. This one is wonderfully appropriate considering it's St. Patrick's Day and all, but has people losing their minds trying to find a four-leaf clover among a sea of three-leaf clovers and a few bugs and butterflies.

Go ahead, try and find it as fast as you possibly can. We'll wait. 

For those of us stuck working on this day of Irish luck, a digital four-leaf clover is a welcome bit of joy until we can clock out and get our celebration on. 

Still no luck? Ok, fine, we'll help you out, but we don't know if the luck still counts if we reveal it to you. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! 

(Photo: Buzzfeed / Crystal Ro)