Watch: Stray Cat Wanders Into a Nursing Home and Finds Permanent Residency

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A stray cat wandered into a nursing home in Cleveland, Ohio, five years ago and found a permanent home amongst the residents.

The cat, now named Oreo, is a loving addition to the facility and provides comfort and entertainment.

Dana Carns, director of advancement at St. Augustine Health Ministries, told the Huffington Post that Oreo is “just another example of the love that you often find in a home.”

The facility also has an on-site dog named Coco. “They both give residents something to look for, to care about, to love on,” she wrote.

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The nursing home has over 200 residents, some of which have suffered strokes and brain injuries.

“Oreo is not a ‘lap cat’ but likes to be close,” Carns said. “She loves to have her head scratched. Residents, staff and the children from our early learning center, look for Oreo. She is most often the greeter.”

The black and white feline lives on the main floor and acts as a replacement animal for residents who were not able to bring their own pets into the home.

“I’m not sure if Oreo was in need of us, or we were in need of Oreo,” Carns said. “But she’s a great addition to our family.”

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