There's Another Trump Baby on the Way for Donald Trump's Family

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Looks like another Trump is on the way. Donald Trump's son Eric and his wife Lara announced they are expecting a baby boy in September. 

According to E! News, Lara is in her second trimester and feeling great after a rough start to the pregnancy. 

"I was exhausted in the beginning," she says. "It surprised me, because I'm a very active person, and until the fatigue hit, I didn't believe it would actually happen to me."

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She adds, "It really affected me. But I'm feeling really good now."

The as-of-yet unnamed son will be the President's ninth grandchild. 

We really loved the name Charlie, but we'd already named our dog that, so it's out," says Eric.

Adds Lara, "We sort of screwed ourselves over there."

Congrats to the growing family! 

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