Couple Ties the Knot in Hospice Center

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Love certainly knows no limits here.

According to Elkhart Truth, Melissa Crane, 47, married 70-year-old Jim Pettit inside AseraCare Golden Living Center in Elkhart, Indiana  recently. The couple met about a year ago at the hospice center where they've both been living for the last year, Crane said.

"He bugged me, bugged me, bugged me to be his girlfriend for months and months and I went from being his girlfriend to his wife," she said.

"I couldn't find anybody better," Pettit joked.

Although it wasn't the first marriage for either of them, they both said it felt just right.

"It doesn't matter where you find love or what the age is, if it's love it's love," Crane said.

The ceremony came together with the help of the center's staff, in addition to donations from several local businesses, said Lynne Lochmondy, a staffer. She said a bridal shop, tuxedo shop, jewelry store and Subway all donated items to make the event possible.

"They had just a huge impact in this. They stepped up to the plate," she said.

According to Jan Hooten, director of clinical services, the living center works to make their patients' wishes come true.

"One of the things that AseraCare does is focus on last wishes and bucket list items," Hooten said.

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Dozens of residents came to the facility's dining room to watch the couple tie the knot.

"Wow, you look beautiful," Pettit told Crane as she walked down the aisle.

The couple wants their love to be an inspiration for others.

"I hope everyone finds as much love as we have," Pettit said.


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