Watch: Amtrak Train Blasts Waiting Commuters With Massive Snow Spray

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A group of commuters at Rhinecliff station in New York Wednesday got more they bargained for when they were covered in snow after an approaching Amtrak train sent snow flying onto waiting passengers.

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As seen in the clip above, several unlucky commuters were standing rather close to the track when the train approached, sending gusts of snow flying as it pulled into the station.

Craig Oleszewski, who shot the video, told News 4 that the train appeared to have overshot the platform by a bit, while another witness said some people were knocked to the ground.

In a statement Thursday, Amtrak said the train "was traveling at the authorized speed" and that the engineer followed applicable rules. "We always advise customers to stand back from the platform edge as trains approach and this was an unusual occurrence considering the large amount of snow on the tracks," the statement said.

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