Woman Contracts Horrendous Rash After Visit to Salon

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A simple trip to the salon to get eyelash extensions took a nasty turn when a woman contracted a staph infection from the "unhygienic" conditions. 

Katie Hull, a 21-year-old woman from Melbourne, Australia is using her experience to warn others to use caution when selecting a salon to undergo a procedure. 

“I had contracted staphylococcus aureus from this unhygienic salon. They do not sterilize their equipment,” Hull wrote in a Facebook review of the business. “Please take caution ladies, I don't wish this pain and suffering on anyone!”

“My face was burning and it felt like it was on fire,” she told the Maroondah Leader.

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According to the local paper, the health inspectors had banned the salon from performing eyelash applications until it confirmed that “infection control procedures are in place."

While staph infections are rare, non-sterile spa environments can be a cause of them. If left untreated they can spread to the blood and lead to hospitalization. 

In Hull's case, she received antibiotics in time, but says she missed work, had to postpone a vacation, and suffered a lot of discomfort. 

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