Before the Unicorn Trend Dies Make Sure to Get in on This Unicorn Noodle Recipe

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I hope you like flowers because I'm feeling a bit extra 🤷🏾‍♂️ Heck it's a spring thing! : This is not your regular rainbowl, this bowl is packed with umami. The noodles are gently placed on a very savory veggie/miso broth w/ some seaweed and I added some additional veggies and crisp and garlicky dry fried tofu. : I want to say a big thank you to @teenvogue @popsugar & @glamourmag for featuring my blog and the unicorn noodles on their websites! I'm stoked to see them take of and being recreated by so many of you. The world can use some extra magic🦄☁️ : Now what are your favorite flowers? I'll be growing as many flowers as possible this year. Hopefully I'll be able to get rid of my hay fever before they start blooming, lol 🤓. Enjoy your days, I'm going back outside because the weather is on point!🌞. : One Love 🌹

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If you thought the unicorn food trend only involved glitter, food dye, and colorful sweets, think again. 

A food blogger, of Indigo Kitchen, developed a recipe for the colorful noodles and created dishes you have to see to believe. The best part is, they're simple to make. 

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His "Quick and Simple Unicorn Noodles" recipe involves submerging clear or white noodles in water with cooked purple cabbage. This turns the noodles blue. Then, through unicorn magic, which some might call science, you then take a lemon or lime and squeeze the juice over any part you want to turn pink. 

Then the colorful noodles can be complemented with colorful fresh veggies for a truly gorgeous meal. Full up your Instagram and your stomach! 


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