'Property Brothers' Star Jonathan Scott Opens up About His First Marriage

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(Photo: Twitter / @people)

Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott is currently in a happy and loving relationship — with girlfriend Jacinta Kuznetsov — but many fans may not know that the designer was previously married.

In 2007, Jonathan married an airline-crew scheduler named Kelsy and moved to Las Vegas to be with her. Two years later, the couple split.

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“We were young, and there was a rush going into it,” Scott explained. “She wanted to get married on 07/07/07 . . . so it wasn’t something that naturally happened.”

Jonathan shared that he took away more than one life lesson after the pair parted ways.

“I think that one of the biggest things I learned is that you can have two good people who are just not good for each other," he said.

“I’m glad that we found that out early,” he added. “You know, we didn’t have kids or anything. And it really helped me understand what I wanted in a relationship.”

Both brothers are currently in great relationships — Drew Scott is engaged to fiancée Linda Phan — and Jonathan shared that the hardships he faced in the past prepared him for where he is today.

“I don’t think I would be in the position where I am now if I didn’t have the experiences I’ve had the past,” he said.

“Everything changes, but changes for the good,” he added. “This is the most humbling, unexpected, fantastic place to be in my life. I’ve never been happier.”


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