We Have to Talk About These Unicorn Shoes

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(Photo: Irregular Choice )

The unicorn trend has reached a climax with all of the foods, hairstyles, home decor and style elements ou there boasting colorful swirls and plenty of glitter, and now you can truly be outfitted in unicorn-inspired items all the way down to your toes. 

Irregular Choice has launched a line of shoes made of unicorns. No, they didn't hunt them down in the forbidden forest and use their pelts (we hope), but they did create shoes that come complete with a magnificent little horn. 

The shoe line has a heeled option with a unicorn head on the toe, a sneaker option with a horned high-top tongue, and a slip-on with a unicorn print. Sadly the slip-on does not have a three-dimensional horn on it. 

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For those who are unicorn obsesses, you can be prancing around in these if you're willing to shell out between $130 and $170. Will you be taking these for a ride? 

(Photo: Irregular Choice )
(Photo: Irregular Choice )


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