McDonald's New Menu Item Sounds Like the Perfect Spring Treat

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If McDonald's newest treat is any indication, it's time to break out those spring jackets!

The fast food chain is giving us a warm spring welcome with their latest addition. Brand Eating reports that Mickey D's is introducing ice-cold Minute Maid slushies in Houston, Texas. 

The Icee-inspired drink will be available in three different flavors, so you should definitely have no trouble selecting one for your favorite burger-and-fries combo.

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When the drinks hit the stores on April 10, customers will be able to try out Fruit Punch, Cherry Limeade and Orangeade slushies — each one containing real Minute Maid juice. There's no news yet on when the new treats will expand to other states, but there's no reason why an expansion shouldn't occur soon.

McDonald's has dabbled into frozen drinks in the last. Just last year, they started selling Frozen Coke at select stores, along with frozen lemonade. We also can't forget the Cherry Berry Chiller and the Frozen Strawberry lemonade from a few summers past.

Ah, the nostalgia!

[H/T Twitter / @SanAntonio_NC]


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