Sleep-Deprived Parents Rejoice Because Ford Made a Crib that Acts Like a Car

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(Photo: Twitter / @engadget)

For some babies, a ride in the car is just about the only thing apart from complete exhaustion that can get them to sleep. Sadly, many parents hit the point of complete exhaustion long before their newborns do, so what's a sleep-deprived mom and dad to do? 

After all, parents can't just drop everything and take little Jane for a spin every time she won't stop crying. Enter Ford. Yeah, Ford. The car company. According to CNN, they've created a crib that mimics the soothing aspects of a car ride for babies without hiking up your gas bill. The crib, dubbed "Max Motor Dreams" looks pretty high end and comes complete with the classic Ford logo. 

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A speaker under the baby play soft engine sounds while the base of the crib slowly rocks from side to side to create the sensation of a car ride. Not to be outdone by other white noise moving cribs, Ford also added LED lights around the rim of the crib to simulate passing under street lamps. 

CNN reports that experts say white noises and repetitive motions reminds infants of being in the womb, thus making them feel safe and secure and more able to fall into a peaceful sleep. 

Sadly, the crib is not yet available for purchase. The prototype was created as part of an ad campaign for Ford's Max line of cars. Still, the company says they are considering going into production with the design due to high demand, and they are raffling off the prototype. 


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