There's a Third Property Brother and the Internet Is Freaking Out

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HGTV fans are most likely aware of the network's Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, but what some viewers might not know is that the twins have an older brother, J.D.

In a now-viral tweet, Twitter user Brad Esposito shared that he got a little shaken after seeing a photo of the three brothers together, and it appears the Internet agrees.

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The Internet has since gone on a mission to find out more about J.D., starting with the fact that he worked as an Adam Lambert and David Bowie impersonator in Las Vegas, as evidenced by multiple YouTube videos.

The Scott Brothers website also shares that J.D., who bears a striking resemblance to his brothers along with a magnificent hairdo, has worked in multiple fields including writing, sketch comedy, acting and directing.

The site adds that J.D. has "produced over 50 hours of digital content, which has been integral to the growth of the Scott Brothers brand," which fans can get a taste of with YouTube videos featuring HGTV stars like Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Aside from all of J.D.'s accomplishments, the Internet appears to be chiefly obsessed with his hair, as seen in a few excellent tweets below.

[H/T / Twitter / @braddybb]


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