Couple Has Three Sets of Twins All Born on the Same Day

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Carrie Kosinski always wanted a big family, but was devastated when her doctors told her and husband, Craig Kosinski that they would not be able to have children naturally.

In July 2013, Carrie received a message on Facebook from an acquaintance, who at the time was pregnant, PEOPLE reports. The woman asked the couple to adopt her baby and they agreed. However, they did not find out until later that she was actually expecting twins. Adalynn and Kenna were born on Feb. 28, 2014.

Fast forward a year, the same woman reached out to them again asking if they could adopt her other set of twins, JJ and CeCe, because she could no longer care for them. The second set of twins was also born on Feb. 28, but in 2013.

With four children already, Carrie and Craig tried to have one their own. On Feb. 28, 2015, Carrie gave birth to twin girls via in vitro fertilization.

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“All three sets of twins were [born] by emergency C-section,” Carrie, 28, tells PEOPLE. “I get that question a lot. ‘Did you plan it? It was a C-section. It must have been planned.’ No. Mine was at 24 weeks. I did not plan on them being born at 24 weeks.”

The couple had always planned on adopting children, but they thought they would have children of their own before they took that step. 

“We did it backward,” says Carrie. “We were going to have our own kids first then adopt but apparently God had other plans for us.”

The adoption of the two sets of twins is still not final because of financial reasons. They were in the process of adopting the first set of twins when their birth mother contacted them to adopt her other twins. Instead of filing for separate adoptions, it is cheaper to do it all together.

They set up a GoFundMe and AdoptTogether page to help cover for the expenses. 

“We are actually about $2,500 from our goal for the adoption,” she says. “Our goal is $15,000. Altogether it’s $18,000, but we wanted to pay some of the costs ourselves.”

The family wouldn’t mind growing even more in the future. As for having another set of twins, Carrie jokingly said, “as long as they are born on February 28.”


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