Mom Shares Heartbreaking Video of 'Last Time' That Only Special Needs Parents Have

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When mama Kate, the blogger behind Finding Cooper's Voice, was first faced with her son's diagnosis of severe, non-verbal autism, she had hope. It was tough, but she still wanted the best for her little boy, like any mother would. 

So when she shared this video about "last times," all parents could relate at first. Like she says, you have the last time you walk your child to school, the last time they stay home for the day, the last time they live in your house. But then she opened up about a "last time" that is absolutely heartbreaking and one that only special needs parents experience. 

As Kate describes it, it's the last time you tell yourself it's going to be fine. 

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In the video she describes some of the hardest moments with her son Cooper and dealing with the extent of his autism, and describes that somewhere along the line she stopped hoping for her son to become a doctor or a lawyer and started hoping for a quality of life instead. 

Her bravery and honesty in the video is so raw, her heartbreak so clear that moms everywhere are sitting up and taking notice, and parents of autistic children are nodding their heads in solidarity. 

Our hearts go out to her, she truly is a strong and heartfelt mama. 

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