Mom Walks in a Hilarious Scene Only Siblings Could Accomplish

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(Photo: Twitter / @Buzzfeed)

Sometimes it’s hard being the youngest sibling!

Rachel Clark told her oldest daughter Hailey to watch over her younger brothers, Jacob, 8, and James, 5, while she went to take a quick shower. When Clark returned, Buzzfeed reports that she couldn’t believe what happened.

While she was away, Jacob decided to lay out all of his Pokémon cars “so he could look at them.” While he was laying them out, James began grabbing the cards and throwing them around.

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With Hailey’s help, Jacob decided to stop his little brother and duct-taped him to a chair. Clark came downstairs and saw the hilarious scene. She grabbed her camera and snapped photos of her son and the two masterminds behind everything.

Clark said James was laughing when she walked in and had him pretend to “throw a fit” for a photo. The other two kids were proud of their plan. 

"He was sitting in the chair laughing," Clark said. "We all laughed it off. They’ve never done anything like this before and it wasn’t malicious."

She added, "Had he been traumatized, I would have never taken the photo." 


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