Companies Are Less Likely to Hire Women Over This Ridiculous Detail

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(Photo: Twitter / @RoboSchmobo)

The job market out there is brutal for a lot of reasons. For women particularly it's filled with a whole host of landmines that men rarely have to worry about. Is the skirt you're wearing to the interview to short or too long? Are your heels high enough but not too high? Is the color of nail polish you're wearing too bold? Should you wear no nail polish at all? Hair up or down? 

But one thing you hope would never become a factor has now been shown to affect your job eligibility more than suspected. What's that magic factor? Whether or not you appear heavier in photos. 

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The research, which Greatist reported on, took the faces of men and women and digitally altered them to make them appear heavier to see if it would impact their job prospects. 

Sadly, the results were not encouraging in the least. Not only were the changes made to the photos fairly subtle, the "heavier" photo doesn't even look anywhere near dangerously overweight. And, regardless of size, it's all around absurd that someone's waistline would have any impact on their ability to perform a job. 

According to the study, which was conducted within the service industry, the heavier women were less likely to get hired than the thinner women, though this discrimination did not carry over to the men. 

While the study only focused on the service sector, the results suggest women could easily face more weight-related discrimination in the workplace, which is very disheartening. 

What's a girl to do? 


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