This Confusing Kindergarten Homework Left Parents Scratching Their Heads

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We all know there comes a point where we will no longer be able to help our children out with their homework. When the math surpasses anything you took (or remember taking) in school or once they branch out into areas of study that you never focused on. What parents do not expect, however, is for that head-scratching, "I don't know" shrugging moment to come when their little one is in kindergarten. 

For Royce Winnick, that is exactly what happened when his 5-year-old daughter brought home what should have been a simple spelling assignment. For the most part, everything made sense. Trace some capital T's and lowercase t's, spell the words "Tub," "Ten," and "Top."

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But then, confronted with a photo of several bunnies in a cage with a carrot, Winnick's daughter got stuck. Then again, so did Winnick.

After all, what starts with a "t" that describes that image? Sure, the words "rabbit" and "carrot" both have t's in them, but that seems like a bit of a stretch when the rest of the assignment was reasonably "t" centric. 

She ended up going with "pet," which her teacher accepted, though apparently, the correct answer was "vet." 

"We thought the assignment was ridiculous for a 5-year-old," Winnick told POPSUGAR. "I wrote the teacher about the assignment and her response was that she will be writing to the publisher about a few of these pictures."


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