Mom, Grandfather and Infant Son All Fighting Life-Threatening Illnesses at the Same Time

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While Lucy Eliopulos battles cancer, two other members of her family are also fighting against life-threatening illnesses right alongside her.

Eliopulos was diagnosed with brain cancer in November 2016, months after her father, Jim Mandros had learned that his brain cancer had returned after 10 years. Two months later, Eliopulos' newborn son, George, developed a deadly respiratory infection.

ABC News reports that George has now recovered after two months of being in and out of the hospital, and Eliopulos and her father are both undergoing chemotherapy.

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"I think that when you have a child that's this sick it can pull a lot of families apart," said George's doctor, Dr. Astha Sharma of the pediatric intensive care unit at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Illinois. "This illness along the illness Lucy, George's mom, had, it actually drew them together. Their spirit is very inspiring to the core. No matter what happened to George, they always remained very positive."

Mandros agreed, calling his daughter a "rock star."

"I don't know where she's getting the strength from," he said. "She's been a rock star, I tell you. [I] cry still, but she stays strong. Lucy's tumor is much worse than mine. I wish I could take her tumor and put it in my head."

Eliopulos said that she's hoping to be a "family again" after she and her father complete their treatments.

"I'm very happy that George is home with us because that was the hardest part for us," she said. "As far as the cancer goes, my dad and I both have to get follow-up scans and I'm hoping we'll never have to go through this again. These last five months, we haven't been able to be a family. ... I'm hoping we move on from this and just live."

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