Google Maps Mistakes Man's House for a Pizzeria and People Definitely Stopped By

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(Photo: Twitter / @pinmaps)

Look, we like pizza as much as the next person, and living in a pizza parlor would basically be the realization of our own personal dreams, but if you're not living in a pizza shop you probably don't want people knocking on your door at all hours demanding the delicious food. 

Michael McElwee from Darwin, Australia, unfortunately, is dealing with this exact issue thanks to a Google Maps error identifying his home as a pizza place. 

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McElwee explained to ABC Radio Darwin that at first, a man showed up wanting to deliver magazines to the pizza place in question, then someone showed up to ask about a job and after that, someone approached his daughter to ask about their opening hours. 

"It is like getting your identity stolen," he told the radio station. "Your house has been stolen and put in as a pizza shop."

In reality, the pizza shop is a pop-up that only opens for parts of the year in a nearby park, but no one wants to be explaining that to everyone that stops by in the middle of your favorite show expecting a slice. 

Thankfully, Google Maps has a reporting feature to help correct issues like this and a rep from Google said they were unaware of the issue and have fixed the mistake. 


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