Hooters Revamping Uniform as It Expands Across Asia

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When you think of Hooters, you probably think of its iconic uniforms — tight shirts, short shorts and not much else. According to Channel News Asia, however, that might soon change.

The restaurant is planning to open more than 30 new locations across Asia, and is reportedly working on new uniforms to help make the outlets more "family friendly." The chain already has multiple locations on the continent but is planning to expand in the region with an "aggressive" path, according to Hooters Asia president Neil Bailey.

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To do this, Hooters is planning on revamping its waitress' uniforms to include higher necklines, longer skirts with shorts underneath and thicker stockings.

“We want to be culturally respectful,” Bailey explained.

“We sat down with members of the local governing boards and advisers of a mosque nearby. We showed them our website and said: ‘This is who we are. We know this is not acceptable so what would be acceptable?’ They gave us some suggestions and we asked for some time to work on them."

“We are still Hooters but we recognise that if we want to be a part of the community, we have to adapt to be embraced," he added. "So, as opposed to the attitude of ‘We are here and get used to it’, we say ‘We’d like to be here. Is this acceptable?’”

The uniforms are currently a work in progress and will be unveiled down the line.

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