Nick Offerman Says Western Civilization Is ‘Going to Hell in a Hand-Basket’

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Nick Offerman spent seven seasons on Parks & Rec playing world-class man's man Ron Swanson. Although it's been a couple of years since Ron graced the NBC primetime lineup, in a new interview with Huffington Post, Nick drops some thoughts and opinions that only further blurring the line between the man and the character.

During the conversation about his new movie The Founder, Offerman said, "I feel like, really, Western Civilization has been going to hell in a handbasket since the Industrial Revolution in terms of blindly consuming whatever colorfully wrapped sandwich that we’re handed."

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The Founder is a film based on the true story of how McDonald's "founder" Ray Croc essentially built his entire fast-food chain conglomerate by duping the McDonald brothers out of their very own restaurant.

In the film Nick plays Richard McDonald, the brother who was most skeptical of Croc's intentions and based on the aforementioned statement, you'd probably assume that Offerman isn't a big fan of the golden arches. But you'd be wrong.

When asked about his personal feelings on the house that Ronald built, Offerman said that he stops in, albeit rarely, adding, "There’s no choice but to hope that I see a McDonald’s along whatever freeway I’m driving on through Manitoba. And when I do that, I try to get a Filet-O-Fish."

The topic of conversation eventually turned to the recent controversial Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial. When asked about his thoughts on the whole mess Offerman thoughtfully stated, "It seemed like a rather colorblind play trying to sort of capitalize on this spirit of activism that is in the forefront right now and using that for financial gain. I think anybody with some common sense would’ve said, 'Eh, might not be a good idea.'"

Finally, when asked why he thought that The Founder was such an important film for people to see, Nick explained, "We all have some experience with McDonald’s and fast food, but I think it’s imperative to see how these businesses got started...There are so many businesses that, on the surface, lead us to believe that they have our best interests at heart, and we come to find out that they are actually some very rich white folks that are more concerned about their purse strings other than our arteries."

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