Shawn Johnson East Opens up About Her 'Stressful' First Year of Marriage

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Shawn Johnson married husband Andrew East one year ago, and things got pretty crazy right out of the gate.

After their Tennessee wedding, which Johnson East called “best day of her life," the pair packed up and moved to Oakland, California, where East had been signed with the Oakland Raiders.

"We lived out of a Hampton Inn for four months and we cooked from our hotel room and found our way around Oakland while he was training for the Raiders,” Johnson East told People. “A few months later, I flew to Rio to cover the Olympics as a commentator.”

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After that, Johnson East went on a nationwide tour with Team USA, meaning the newlyweds spent more time apart than together during their first year of marriage.

“It was a long few months, we went through hard things,” she said. “He got cut from the NFL and tried out for another team, we were both going through stressful times in life.”

Despite the hard times, Johnson East shared that the couple is “happier and more in love than ever," and celebrated their one-year anniversary this week.

“I love him more every single day,” the gymnast said. “The first year is the hardest and best year of your life!”

“I still can’t believe I’m married to my best friend,” she added. “It’s a comfort to be able to come home to him when we are together and to go through life together.”

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