Tad Cummins Reportedly Says He’s ‘Glad This Is Over’ After Being Found With Teenage Student

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After former Tennessee teacher Tad Cummins was found in California after disappearing with student Elizabeth Thomas over a month ago, new details are coming to light about the 50-year-old's arrest.

Cummins, who allegedly kidnapped 15-year-old Thomas on March 13 and fled with her from their Tennessee town, reportedly said, "I'm glad this is over," after his arrestSiskiyou County Sheriff's Sgt. Mike Gilley said in a press conference Thursday, CNN reports.

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Cummins and Thomas were found in a cabin in a rural area in California after someone spotted them and called authorities.

“We’re absolutely thrilled and blessed to have her safe and on her way home. It’s amazing,” Elizabeth’s older sister, Kat Bozeman, told PEOPLE on Thursday. “This is the best day we could have imagined.”

Cummins is facing state and federal charges.

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