Watch: Ice T and Coco Austin Respond to Scrutiny Over Parenting

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When it comes to celebrity life, Ice T and Coco Austin know they are being watched and judged, but one area the judgment is especially fierce is in their parenting decisions. 

According to Us Weeklythough, they don't let the critics dictate how they raise their daughter, 17-month-old Chanel. 

"I think you have people watching you, but it depends if you care about scrutiny," Ice T, 59, said. "Like, we don't care. … We're kinda immune to all that. Some people, it really bothers them what other people say. But they gotta know, they're just people [at] home, just talking mess."

Austin shared that she isn't bothered by the criticism because she knows she's doing her best with the information she has just like any other mother. 

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"We face scrutiny whether you have a baby or not, so having a baby, you're like in this little microscope because they want you to do something wrong so they can say something bad, that you're a bad mother," she added. "But we're just like regular moms, we're still trying to figure it out. We don't know everything, we're not perfect."

Recently, Austin shared an adorable photo with Chanel in one of the infamous mommy-daughter matching outfits they have become so well-known for as they attended a yoga class together. 

While Ice T disagrees wish his wife on that "just like every other mom" point, calling Austin "supermom," there's no denying that this pair has their hater blockers on strong. Judging by all the sweet photos, baby Chanel seems to be doing just fine with these two sweet celebrities as parents. 


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