Father Arrested and Charged for Using Taser on Son After He Failed to Finish Homework

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An Arizona father has been arrested and charged with child abuse after he allegedly used a Taser on his son after he failed to finish his homework. 

Darryl Ingram, 49, was reported to the police after his 11-year-old son’s school noticed “scattered spot-like abrasions” on his shoulder, according to Inside Edition.

Ingram’s son told the police his father began using the Taser to discipline him more than a year ago. He said Ingram uses it when he doesn’t do his homework or does “things he wasn’t supposed to.”

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According to reports, Ingram threatens to “whoop” and smack his son 40 times or shock him when he misbehaves.

He was arrested and told the police he doesn’t own a Taser, but instead uses a fake Taser phone app on his son. However, the authorities found the weapon in his car.

“I was telling him this is a toy compared to what police use,” Ingram told KNXV. "If your behavior and the way you’re doing things continues on, somewhere down the line, this is something that is going to be used on you. You have to be obedient.”

The boy is currently in the custody of his mother.


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