Mom Writes Fake Government Note to Teach Daughter a Valuable Lesson

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When it comes to creative parenting decisions, this mom from Australia takes the cake. 

According to Good Housekeeping, Sue Samad decided to take her daughter's punishment up a notch after the 7-year-old came to her parents crying for having broken the family "no chat rule" by chatting with strangers online in gaming chat rooms. 

Samad said she thought about taking away the iPad, grounding her daughter as she had requested, and keeping her from the wifi for awhile, but believed there would be "no lesson learnt" in that method. So, she got creative. 

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"During my lunch break my absolute manic mind came up with this faux letter with letterhead and all," Samad said. "The response when I gave her and her brother the letter was exactly what I was aiming for."

The letter, from the Department of Communication's "Security Intelligence for Children Cyber Safety," detailed what her daughter had done wrong and "encouraged" the parents to discuss the very real danger she had put herself and her brother in by chatting with strangers online, and went so far as to say the office had disconnected the girl's wifi until further notice. 

"The letter doesn't replace continuous education about cyber danger and stranger danger," she wrote in her post on Facebook. "I don't believe in denying them access to the internet as it's part of our life ... My hope is to raise resilient and socially-conscious children."

One thing's for sure, we don't think her daughter will be chatting with any strangers online for a very long time. 


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