The Ideal Lipstick Shade for Your Complexion Is Your Nipple Color According to People Who Don't Wear Lipstick

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Have you been searching your whole life for that perfect nude lip?

Apparently, you've been looking in all the wrong places. 

During a recent episode of The Doctors, they posit that the ideal shade for your skin tone is the same color as your nipple. 

On one hand, this kind of makes sense because your skin complexion contains natural shades that complement each other well. However, as all ladies out there know, aereolas and nipples can come in wildly different shades from the palest of pinks to the deepest of browns, which don't necessarily have much to do with the surrounding skin tones. 

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So while there's an argument to be made for why your nipple color might look good, that doesn't mean it will necessarily be your favorite shade or the one you think looks best on your face.

That being said, we're definitely trying this trick when we get home tonight– for science, of course. 


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