Watch: Wet N Wild Introduces Unicorn-Themed Makeup Line

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From unicorn-themed food to unicorn-themed hair, it seems like most everything is getting a magical makeover these days, and that includes makeup.

The latest brand to give their products a unicorn-themed update? Drugstore favorite Wet n Wild, who is introducing a "Unicorn Glow Box" this month, which is set to include three multi-colored highlighters, two color-shifting lipsticks, three eyeshadow pigments, and one adorable unicorn-horn makeup brush.

To celebrate the launch, Refinery 29 filmed a special haul to test the products out, and they look seriously magical.

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Wet n Wild was the first to launch a drugstore rainbow highlighter, and the product was so popular, it sold out within hours. It's now back and joined by a bevy of other rainbow products guaranteed to make you look like the unicorn you were born to be.

The brand's highlighters have quickly become a favorite of makeup lovers everywhere, so it's no surprise the two new offerings seem to stack up quite nicely. The eye pigments and lipsticks appear equally fun, and will definitely give you the colorful vibe you're craving from a box of unicorn-themed products.

The full Glow Box will be available on May 21 at ULTA Beauty for $29.99, and if you're not feeling the whole kit, each item will be offered individually on Wet n Wild's website on May 22.

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