ABC Star Tommy Maitland Being Called ‘Fake’ – And Maybe They’re Right

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Comedian, Tommy Maitland is a lot of things. The 72-year-old legend is funny, charming, a great ukulele player, hails from a family of acclaimed British military officers, and was once the star of the Bond-inspired B-films, You Only Live Once, To Be Honest and From Russia, Luv.

But the truth is, Maitland, as legendary as his bio is, isn’t exactly real and has been called a “fake” by critics, who are on to something...

In what was an extensive investigation on our part, it was discovered that Maitland is in fact Canadian comedian, Mike Myers — you might know him best as Austin Powers and Wayne Campbell. Party on!

That’s right, Myers is back after taking quite a bit of time off from film and television and jumping straight into a new alter ego known as British comedic “icon,” Tommy Maitland. While in character as Maitland, Myers will be hosting The Gong Show this summer, once filled by the late, Chuck Barris.

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In the ABC primetime reboot premiering this June, Myers will be in full face prosthetics and makeup as the elaborate character while celebrating unusually talented and unique performances with a panel of judges, featuring some of Hollywood’s hottest, critiquing and “gonging” contestants.

And like any host with a illustrious, ahem, career, Maitland is prepared to make his U.S. debut with a catchphrase like no other. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Maitland says he’s had one for years.

“I say, ‘Who’s a cheeky monkey?’ Then the audience goes, ‘You are.’ And I go, ‘No, you’re a cheeky monkey, and that’s why I love you.’ The other catchphrase of mine is, ‘You’ve got no proof.’ So, when I say something slightly cheeky, I’ll say, ‘Well, you’ve got no proof.’ My second memoir was titled, You’ve Still Got No Proof, he said.

In case you’re wondering, his first memoir was titled, You’ve Got No Proof.

The Gong Show premieres June 22 on ABC. Check your local listings.


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