All the Stars of 'Young Sheldon' Revealed

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Some of the biggest minds come from humble beginnings, and such is the case for Big Bang Theory's resident know-it-all, Sheldon Cooper.

Over the course of the show's run, fans have learned that Sheldon's upbringing doesn't exactly reflect his personality, as the scientist came from a small town in East Texas. CBS recently announced that a spin-off about the character's childhood, titled Young Sheldon, would begin airing its first season this fall.

After dropping the first Young Sheldon trailer, the network has released a batch of new photos, introducing fans to the young actors portraying the kids on the show. After all, the cast is made up of young actors that many audience members aren't exactly familiar with.

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Iain Armitage is playing Young Sheldon himself, taking center stage in the new series. Raegan Revord and Montana Jordan are playing Sheldon's siblings Missy and George Jr., respectively.

Rounding out the main cast is Lance Barber as Sheldon's dad, while Zoe Perry is playing his mother. Fans of Big Bang Theory have fallen in love with Sheldon's Mother, aka Mary Cooper, as she's appeared as a guest on quite a few episodes. The modern-day version of Mary is played by Roseanne alum Laurie Mecalf.

Check out the adorable photos of the new cast, as well as the first stills from Young Sheldon, in the gallery below!

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