First Look at WWE Star Emmalina's Unused Ring Gear


Remember when Emmalina was a thing? After 17 weeks of promos and sexy Instagram posts, Emmalina made her Raw debut only to announce that she would be transforming back to Emma. Due to WWE losing confidence in Emma being able to pull off the gimmick, we'll never know how it might have played out, but thanks to a recent Twitter post, we can at least see what Emmalina's actual wrestling gear would have been. 

Emmalina was intended to be a throwback to sexy Attitude Era characters like Sable and The Kat, but delays caused officials to pull the plug when they felt like she wasn’t committing enough to the role. A few weeks later, Emma went back to the same persona she'd been using at house shows. 

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WWE creative was so high on the concept of the character that they simply shifted it to Lana, who is basically doing the same exact gimmick (plus some fancy dancing) for her wrestling debut on SmackDown Live. 

It would have been nice if WWE at least tried to make Emma's ditching of the gimmick make sense, but there was never an explanation. She could have returned the next week and cut a promo about her "reinvention" was all a plan to prove how shallow the WWE Universe was. Instead, she just started wearing sunglasses and we were all supposed to pretend the entire thing never happened.

Unfortunately, Emma was recently injured again during WWE's U.K. tour and could be out for another extended period of time. 

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