12-Year-Old Girl Saves 4-Year-Old Neighbor From Alleged Kidnapping

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A 12-year-old girl is being hailed as a hero after she saved her 4-year-old neighbor from an alleged kidnapping, Inside Edition reports.

Jada Miller was outside playing in her Wisconsin neighborhood when she saw a man attempt to grab her neighbor, Caylee Carr, and lead her away.

Benjamin Spasogevich-Lee, 27, lives across the road in the girls' neighborhood, and Jeff Carr, Caylee's father, said he's been a "problem before."

“He’s just really creepy,” Carr said.

When Miller saw Caylee being led down the street by Spasogevich-Lee, she ran from her home and grabbed the young girl by the stomach.

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“Come on, Caylee, we’re going home,” Miller said. According to Caylee's dad, the 4-year-old told Spasogevich-Lee, “I’ll be right back,” with Miller interjecting, “No, she won’t.”

Other children alerted Caylee's parents, and Jeff Carr immediately called the police. Spasogevich-Lee was arrested and is charged with disorderly conduct and abduction of a child, although he reportedly denied any wrongdoing.

Carr added that a neighborhood boy told police that Spasogevich-Led had previously approached a group of children and discussed rape and sex.

“The kids don’t like him,” Carr said. “They told him to leave them alone.”

TMJ4 shares that the man's bail is currently set at $15,000, and if he makes bail, he is to have no contact with anyone under the age of 18.

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