Glen Campbell’s Family Reveals Heartbreaking Details of His Current Condition

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The family of country legend, Glen Campbell is sharing that though the “Rhinestone Cowboy” is going through the final stage of Alzheimer’s, he has not lost his deep connection to music.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Campbell’s family disclosed heartbreaking details of his current condition as he continues to battle against the final stages of the progressive, degenerative disease.

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While he does not always process what he is hearing, his daughter Ashley Campbell tells the magazine that he still finds music to be “very comforting to him.”

“Sometimes he’ll just close his eyes and kind of smile and start singing along, even though we don’t know what he’s singing along to, but he’s got a song in his heart and it’s really beautiful to see that,” she explained.

Fans of the country artist are currently enjoying his latest album, Adios, originally recorded in 2012 but released earlier this month.

“It’s kind of a recorded version of him and his love for music even after Alzheimer’s,” she said. “It didn’t take his voice or his soul in the music, and so that’s what you hear on his record.”

Ashley goes on to reveal that sometimes he will just “close his eyes and kind of smile and start singing along,” even if he doesn’t know what he’s singing along to.

“He’s got a song in his heart and it’s really beautiful to see that,” she said.

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