Watch: NASCAR Driver Danica Patrick Confronts Crowd of Booing Fans


NASCAR driver, Danica Patrick confronted a crowd of fans who booed at her after security wouldn’t allow them to get autographs at the Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania last weekend.

The 35-year-old racing star was caught on camera defending herself after a qualifying session and had a lot to say.

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“Since I’m old, instead of taking the booing, I want to tell you, I’m doing the very best I can,” Patrick said. “If you’re a real fan, you know that I’m not just like … my job is not to sign autographs, right? My job is to drive a car and to tell the crew chief what’s going on.”

Patrick went on to say she did not “appreciate the booing” as it “hurts” her feelings.

“I’m a f--king person, you know what I mean? I’m a person, too. I have feelings. When you boo me, it hurts my feelings. Please just be supportive fans. I’ll do everything I can. … I can only do so much. … So please understand that.”

Patrick’s speech won over one fan, who graciously thanked and encouraged her to “keep your chin up.”

After successfully qualifying for the race, Patrick finished 16th in the Pocono 400. For weeks, she has been openly speaking up about her frustrations with mediocre results that have built up on her NASCAR record.

Fellow NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. weighed in on the incident during his weekly podcast, saying that while he had empathy for his friend, she could have handled everything a tad differently.

“She’s had a tough year, she’s under tons of pressure,” Earnhardt Jr. said. “I can completely relate to where she is mentally. I hate it for Danica because it paints her in a bad light, but she brought it on herself. You never know when a camera’s rolling, who’s watching.”

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