'Animal House' Actor Stephen Furst Dead at 63

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(Photo: Twitter/@pwguru65 )

News has broken that Stephen Furst, who played Flounder in the comedy classic Animal House, has passed away at the age of 63.

Reports from TMZ state that his death is due to complications from diabetes.

Furst's son Nathan told journalists that Stephen died at his Ventura Country, CA home on Friday morning.

He added that Stephen was surrounded by family and friends who loved him.

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Stephen reportedly battled with diabetes for many years and even became a spokesperson for the ADA (American Diabetes Association).

In addition to his role in Animal House, Furst also starred in TV shows such as St. Elsewhere and Babylon 5.

He also worked behind the camera as well, having directed some episodes of Babylon 5 as well as a handful of TV movies.

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