'Alaskan Bush People' Star Ami Brown Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

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(Photo: Facebook/Alaskan Bush People )

The Brown family received some devastating news on the latest episode of Alaskan Bush People.

After going in for tests over the last several episodes, Ami Brown - the family matriarch - was officially diagnosed with lung cancer. The doctors revealed that the cancer was at least stage 3, though it could be worse.

On Wednesday's episode, Ami and husband Billy spent most of their time decided what route to take with her upcoming treatment. Being so far removed from the rest of society, this decision is a big one for the family.

If they choose to get Ami real treatment, at least a couple of the Browns will have to leave their home in the bush, and spend some time in a larger city.

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"It's hard to even talk about it, because it's something I never thought would come out of my mouth," Brown said about possibly leaving the family home. "This is earth shattering for us, it really is."

Brown then said that he didn't think his family could stay put "with the medical things that are going on in our lives."

Ami revealed that she doesn't want to leave their family home in the bush, and that she doesn't want to be away from her children.

"I want to hold their babies," she said, crying.

Billy then added that they will be able to fight through it. "As long as we got each other, we can get up and deal with this."

The next episode of Alaskan Bush People will air next Wednesday on Discovery.

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