Jeremy Meeks' Wife Responds to His Cheating Selfie

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The Blue-Eyed Bandit isn't looking so hot anymore, is he?

Jeremy Meeks, also known as "The World's Sexiest Felon," was recently seen cheating on his wife, Melissa Meeks, on Instagram. The couple was married for eight years and has one child together, but Meeks has moved on as he's now been spotted dating billionaire's daughter Chloe Green.

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However, it looks like Melissa Meek may have gotten the last laugh.

The wife of the former-felon posted a triumphant selfie on Instagram, just after the Internet called out her husband for his new relationship.

Melissa's new photo didn't address her husband's infidelity, but it did show the world that she's rising above what's been done to her over the past few weeks. The only text that accompanied the post was a pair of hashtags. One said "Queens are born in July" while the other read, "It's my birthday month."

👑 #queensareborninjuly #itsmybirthdaymonth 🙌🏽

A post shared by Melissa Meeks (@mmeeks14) on

Neither Melissa nor Jeremy have spoken publicly about the scandal, but they have both taken action on social media that shows fans that their relationship is over. Both have removed photos with the other from their social media accounts. Pictures of the children, however, still remain.

Melissa's followers have taken to the comments of her post to encourage her, saying things like "He doesn't deserve you," and "I hope you give him what he deserves."

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