So, y’all remember how I am renovating a house? (well, I’m not personally hammering nails, but I have a house that’s being renovated and I’m making decisions about it, but anyway…) Yesterday I entered the crazy, absolutely mind-boggling world of picking out countertops at the stone shop (I’m sure it has a much more technical name like, marble yard? granite house? but we’ll call it the “stone shop”) Who knew there were SO many different types of granite and marble!? My head is spinning thinking about it right now…

Here is an array of "remnant" pieces hanging out at the stone shop


Well, thankfully, my decorator (remember, the fab Lindsay from Iron Gate?) and I went in with ideas and a game plan. I have a dream of whipping up a masterful feast – or maybe just a yummy grilled cheese – in a gleaming, crisp, white kitchen. So we bypassed all of the colored granite & marble and headed straight for everything white in search of the perfect stone.

This is the inspiration for my dream kitchen. I mean really, who wouldn't want to cook in here? Or at least pop open a bottle of champagne?

The gorgeous kitchen above was done by Melissa Miranda Interiors in Boston, and I found it on Houzz – which, womanistas, may be as addicting for design aficionados as Pinterest!

But getting back to Lindsay and I at the “stone shop”…since we zeroed in on white, our options were narrowed down to white granite, carrarra marble, and calacatta marble (which I thought was pronounced “calcutta” marble until yesterday – who knew? Clearly not this Nashvillian with a southern accent!) Even though white granite is stunning, we wanted a little more “wow” factor for my dream kitchen – so the decision was down to Carrarra vs. Calacatta. Luckily, I found this informative little number on Houzz the other day, and I was semi-educated on the differences between the marbles.

Both marbles are typically found in the quarries from the mountains in Carrarra, Italy. This is a mountain made of marble - awesome, right?

Since both Carrarra and Calacatta marble are found in the same quarry, they are differentiated by their veining, mostly. Calacatta is mostly white, with more distinct grey veining (like in the pic of my dream kitchen above!) and carrarra is more grey in tone and color. From there, each stone has different subcategories, like “Calacatta Gold” (which, like the name indicates, has some gold tones in it) and “bianco” carrarra (which is more white than typical carrarra)…there are literally endless options to consider.

And my dear womanistas, I went for the carrarra. It’s really important to go pick out your actual slabs, because they can vary SO much. I actually found a carrarra slab that was pretty white, and had just a little grey veining. You should see them all and pick out the one that looks best to you, regardless of the material.

I can’t wait to show you the finished product!

Happy decorating, womanistas!

xo, the Womanista


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  1. Jennifer November 1, 2012 at 4:25 am #

    Hi There!

    I was just looking at your blog (”que j’adore” BTW!) and I saw your soooo helpful article on selecting the right color of marble for your countertop. And actually, that’s so funny because I am in need of a kitchen table and for the little story, I went to Williams Sonoma this WE and I saw this beautiful white finish rectangular Farmhouse kitchen table that I absolutly loved and the guy told me it was not for sale and told me that they just put a marble countertop on the table and actually, that’s exactly what I am going to do! So thank you so much for your helpful tips (BIG time saver!) and keep going on with your blog because I feel like I am reading Madame Figaro all the time!!

    Jennifer, 29 Miami, FL – Pastry Chef ”trying to bring a Modern American Interpretation of Classic French desserts
    PS: Sorry for my english – French native who moved to Florida 5 years ago

    • Woman November 1, 2012 at 2:21 pm #

      Bonjour Jennifer! Merci beaucoup! That kitchen table idea is SO SMART! Glad you liked the blog post, and thank you for reading! xo

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