Basketball Shuffle

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Move Targets: Total body


Step 1: Start in a squat position, feet a little more than hip-width apart. Make sure your knees are behind your toes and that your weight is in your heels (for now). Your arms and hands should be in a boxer’s stance with your palms open.

Step 2: Pick up your right foot, placing it on the ground a step further to the right. As you do this, push the left foot into the ground, springing into a sideways movement. Your toes should be facing forward the whole time, keeping your feet parallel as you shuffle to the sides. Note that during the shuffle, your weight shifts to the balls of your feet.

 Step 3: After shuffling about 3-4 feet to your right, reverse the movement to your left. Alternate sides and shuffle as quickly as you can for 60 seconds.

Modification (Beginner): Keep your pace slow; you can even take this one step at a time: step out, squat, feet together, step out, squat, etc.

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