Get Ahead of Fitness Trends with Cutting Edge Products

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With the rate at which technology progresses, it's hard to keep up with the trends. We have taken the research aspect out of finding the best, new fitness products for you. All you have to do is pick your favorites!

Amphipod Swift-Clip Cap LightAs moms, we are all so busy and our outdoor runs are often in the off-hours. It's not uncommon to have to go out before the sun rises or after dark to get our exercise.  This cap light had 2 LED bulbs to light the way for your morning or evening runs.

Amphipod Swift-Clip

NIKE+ Sportswatch with GPSGetting feedback on our workouts allows us to continually improve. The Nike+ Sportswatch GPS keeps track of your location, speed, distance and more! It’s like having a personal trainer on your wrist. Plus, it’s totally cute!

nike watch

Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water BottleGetting our daily allotment of water can be such a challenge! How much do we really need? Finally, there is a product that does all of the calculating for us. Not only does this water bottle tell you how much water you need to be drinking, but it tracks how much you have had throughout the day so you don’t even have to count empty bottles.


The Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart ScaleIt's no secret that WiFi is everywhere and now you can even get a bathroom scale equipped with it! This FitBit WiFi SmartScale makes tracking your progress easier than ever. This scale tracks your weight, body fat percentage and body mass index through All you have to do is read the graphs and share them with friends all on the FitBit website. This product takes the math out of weightloss so all you have to do is hit the gym!

fitbit scale

TapFit Fitness Mobile ApplicationFitness classes are a great way to get a killer workout. Thanks to this cool new app, TapFit, you can now find fitness classes wherever you are with ease. The app finds your location and gives you all of the classes nearby and many at a discounted rate. This is one app we are loving right now!


The products will help you stay up-to-date with your fitness! Which ones do you like best?