Drum Roll Please: 10 Best Shape Workouts of 2013

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2013 seemed to be the year of all things new in terms of fitness. Barre, TRX, CrossFit, Kettlebell, Trampoline Fitness...the list could go on and on. While these exercises may have been around prior to 2013, they really hit mainstream this year and women really seemed to welcome these new styles with open arms. We may not be fans of them all, but at least we're learning that our workouts don't always have to be spending 60 minutes on the elliptical trainer followed by 50 standard crunches, a few sit ups and maybe some scant bicep curls.

We are trying new styles, working new muscle groups (and working them hard!) and reaping the benefits. Plus, fitness has taken a turn for fun this past year as well! Check out 10 of the most popular workouts from Shape of 2013, and you may just be introduced to even more types or fitness philosophies to conquer in 2014.

Ballet-inspired workouts are a great way to develop lean muscle mass while improving your balance, flexibility, and range of motion. The only downside: Some classes come with a high price tag. To help you get in on the barre craze on any budget, we asked Miami-based fitness expert Jessica Smith to create an at-home, ballet-inspired routine that will help lift, lengthen, and tone your entire body.

woman doing ballet exercises on ballet bar

If you're short on time but still want to fit in an effective training session—especially if your goal is fat loss—metabolic resistance training (MRT) is tough to beat. With this training style, the goal is to maximize caloric expenditure while also increasing your metabolic rate. There are many different ways to structure an MRT session, but generally speaking, circuit training lends itself well to this approach.

woman doing push-ups in gym

Tired of sweating through multiple cardio sessions a week and still feeling like you're stuffed into your skinny jeans? Start pumping more iron! This total-body workout was designed exclusively for SHAPE by certified strength coach Nick Tumminello, owner of Performance University, to help you add more metabolically active (i.e. fat-burning) lean muscle mass to your frame.

woman doing sit ups with equipment in the gym

This effective circuit is designed to tighten and tone all the muscles on display in those teeny bikini bottoms, including your lower belly, back, hips, thighs, and glutes. The best part: You don't need any equipment, so you can do these moves anytime, anywhere (even at the beach)!

woman doing a runner's lunge at the gym

When it comes to banishing waistband bulge, the best strategy is to use moves that engage multiple muscle groups at once. Miami-based fitness expert Jessica Smith designed this routine that combines calorie-torching cardio and super-effective core sculptors to help you melt off that muffin top, fast. Start today and in a few weeks, you'll be slipping into those skinnies with ease!

women doing core exercises in a group class at the gym

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