Geeked Out: 11 Gadgets to Help You Reach Your Goals

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By now, our New Year’s resolutions have either been successful, are a work in progress or need a bit of a boost. If your weight loss journey could use a helping hand, try some of these geeked out gadgets to help you get back on or stay on track!

Bowflex Boost: Track your activity, sleep and calories all with one sleek product. The Bowflex Boost is Bluetooth enabled with a super long battery life. It allows you to set your personal goals for the day and gives you your progress throughout the day with a color coded scale that changes as your complete your daily goals.


Spark Activity Tracker: This nifty gadget is about the size of a quarter but does the work of a computer! It automatically tracks steps taken, calories burned, distance covered and your total activity minutes throughout the day. Clip it to you and go! It also shows your progress based on your personal goals with the push of a button and sends the information to your phone or computer.


Misfit Wearables Shine Activity Monitor: This activity tracker is sleek and stylish! This little guy tracks all activity for you and, because it's waterproof, can even track water sports! It doubles as an attractive watch and can be put on a wrist band. No one will ever know that it is actually an activity tracker! It comes in four discrete colors and sends everything to your smartphone wirelessly.

misfit shine

HAPIfork: Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Fork: It's easy to eat so fast that by the time you have finished your meal it's hard to know whether or not you are full. If you do not give your stomach enough time to register fullness, it is very easy to overeat. This Bluetooth enabled HAPIfork lights up and vibrates when you are eating too fast! You can control how many “fork servings” you want to allow yourself per minute and tack it on the smartphone app for the HAPIfork. This is an easy way to be aware of how much and how fast you are eating.


FINIS SwiMP3 2G: While working out, we all enjoy listening to music. Exercise is just more fun with music whether it be running, lifting, skiing, boxing or even playing a competitive game like basketball. If you prefer swimming as your form of exercise, you have probably wished that there was some way to add music to your workout. With the SwiMp3, you can listen to music while you swim! These are not waterproof headphones; they use bone conduction audio transmission. This is a very exciting product for anyone who enjoys water sports!


Suunto Ambit2 S GPS Multifunction Heart Rate Monitor: This little machine could save your life. Any hiker or runner should have this product to navigate their workout. Cyclers and swimmers can also use this for measuring distance, pace and power. In case you do get lost, this device has a 3D compass. The list of functions goes on and on.

suunto ambit2

Jabra SPORT Bluetooth Stereo Headset: These headphones enable wireless MP3s, phone calls and radio! Water, dust and shockproof headphones with the sound of a stereo have 4 days of standby time! You can even connect to 2 devices at once!

jabre 3. jpg

Wahoo Fitness Blue HR Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone: Wirelessly track your heart rate and calories burned with the Wahoo heart rate monitor. This gadget has its own app but is also compatible with multiple other fitness apps.

wahooSequoia Fitness Warrior Digital Fat Caliper: On your fitness journey, it is nice to be able to track your progress. However, when you lose weight and gain muscle, you can gain weight or stay the same. In reality, though, your body fat percentage will have decreased. In order to accurately track your body fat percentage you can use a fat caliper. This one is particularly easy to use thanks to the electronic measuring feature!

warrior caliper

Skinny Mom Bonus! These products have not been released yet, but they caught our eye! We bet they catch yours too!

Atlas Activity Tracker: Sure, the activity trackers out now can tell you how many calories you have burned, but they fail to tell us what type of exercise we are doing. The Atlas Activity Tracker actually keeps count of which type of exercise (swimming, weight lifting, TRX, etc.) and how many reps you have done! For example, it knows if a swimmer is doing freestyle or breaststroke! This product is expected to go on sale as soon as December 2014! Though, you can reserve yours on their website today.

atlas activity tracker

Notch Movement Capture: This tiny device can track freeform movements and provides an analysis of the data. This allows you to improve upon your sport or exercise. So, maybe you're worried about your form while squatting but don't have a personal trainer there to help correct you. The Notch can track your squat form and help you to improve over time! Pretty neat! It is not yet for sale, but should be in the near future!

notchWhat is your go-to fitness gadget?

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